Techne is the name of my company, where I offer services in the fields of research, development and consultancy in education
and training, both formal and non-formal – often in an international perspective or context. Techne is basically me, but I collaborate with a large network of associates and organizations across Europe and beyond to allow me to tackle bigger and more complex projects.

New projects and assignments:

In mid-February, Techne won a call for tender to carry out a study for the EU-funded development project ”Euroapprentice, led by the French Assemblé Permanente des Chambres de Métiers.

Techne currently has two articles under publication. One is for the European youth magazine “Coyote” on recognition of formal and non-formal mobility. The other is for the Polish Foundation

The name of the company – Techne – is the ancient Greek Aristotelian term for “immediately useful, practical knowledge” whose intent is making and doing, as opposed to disinterested understanding.

In modern Greek, the word means “art”.
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Søren Kristensen